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Arad an-Bás

I am just a poor, wandering archival spirit, but now that I’ve found this place, I think I might take up residence for a while. It seems to be a great place to meet wise and ancient beings, such as the great Tisdale that I’ve heard of. Having had only been able to view the Astlan and Abyssal planes through the words of the great prophet T-A-G, I am forced to speculate on the unknowns and hopefully discuss them with those that have more direct knowledge. Speaking of the prophet, what god is he a prophet of? Obviously, he must be a prophet to know so much, if not an actual god himself, or at least an Avatar.

Now, some of my ideas might seem fanciful, but please forgive that. Being an archivist spirit, I have seen many worlds, and many planes, and I sometimes confuse one for another.

This may span a few topics, and I’m open to discussion of any sort. I really am interested in this universe and the denizens wherein.

First of all, I have theories about Tom’s relationship with Rupert. I’d like to think that Tom really is Rupert’s father and, while I’m sure those of greater knowledge here will dissuade me from some of my ideas, I humbly submit my theory here.

For one, the Prophet has mentioned Time Warriors. The title seems to indicate that they have some control over time. This would indicate that time travel could be possible. In which case Tom might not be Rupert’s father yet, but in the future travels back in time to er… meet Rupert’s mother, hopefully in his human form, as the practicality of Tom’s demon form with a human strains credulity, although would be interesting, for science. This theory obviously has some holes. For example, I wish to clarify if the Time Warriors can actually manipulate Time itself and, if not, can other beings.

My other, and far more likely theory for Tom’s fatherhood of Rupert would be that Tom is actually an Archdemon (By the way, is it Archdemon or Archaedemon?), who has had his memory erased by some greater power (or did it himself) and he has actually been a demon for a lot longer than he currently thinks. I would think that it would be well within the means of a Demon Prince to manipulate memories of a lower demon, especially if it was willingly done. (21st Animage mastery?)

The memory erased/modified theory has another branch in my mind. While I admit my grasp of Link Mastery is somewhat lacking, would it be possible, that Tom, being a powerful demon, managed to escape the Abyss, which somehow erased his memory and made him appear as a new, unbound demon, leaving him with only the memories of his life before becoming a demon, perhaps centuries before.

If he was a demon before, it wouldn’t explain why none of the other demons recognized him. Could perhaps, when escaped the Abyss, have lost his original demon for, along with his memories, and been given a completely new form upon being summoned for the first time? Obviously this is all conjecture, but I wish to be instructed on the possible credibility of my thoughts.

The other obvious thought I had was that of course, Rupert was the Concordenax reincarnated. I’m sure Tisdale would love that.

Just a curious side note, is there any reason that wouldn’t be possible for Tom to open up a portal from/to the Courts of Chaos and invite all the demons to Astlan? I mean is there anything prohibiting it? As I see it, it would result in all of the demons being in Astlan of their own will and thus unable to be summoned, at least until they were destroyed.

EDIT: [i]Very[/i] important question for Tizzy: Does Tom get laid in book 2? Because seriously, if you’re really his friend, you should help him in that regard. I don’t know, take him to a club in the Courts, hell, go buy a vestigial virgin from a street vendor if you have to. You gotta look out for friends. Maybe he’d have better luck with Bess than you… I don’t know but right now Tom’s sex life looks like this: ](*,) That might be inaccurate since I don’t seem him trying too much, but isn’t he a 16-year old boy at heart? As for Bess, the few times she sees him in book 1, she says she’s “impressed with his fighting skills” You’d definitely need fighting skills for her. Also, ‘“Oh, goody, round two!” Bess shouted with joy.’ could be applied in various circumstances. Foreshadowing, perhaps?