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I’m not really aware of any video game bards…so I’m not going to include that. Oooh Guitar Hero meets World of Warcraft! Or Guitar Hero meets Diablo IV[/quote]

The only video game bard (beyond from the D&D based games of course) I am aware of are from Dragon Age, were the difference between a bard and a minstrel is that bards are players in the Game, the political manouvering of the Orlesian nobility. In other words, they are a mix of entertainer/assassin/mostly spy for their noble patrons (if they are not young nobles them selves). They don’t have spells perse (it is a speciality of the rogue class), but can perform magical songs that boost the fighting capabilities of their companions.

Personally I always stick to whatever definition the book gives a particular job name. For one thing, fantasy novels are rarely historically accurate and for another even historical accurate stuff has a tendency to change depending on the era selected or the time the story was written in RL or what ever source material the author chooses to use/belief.

@TAG: D&D bards don’t have to have been at a particular event to have written balads about it, even if said balads are seens as historical accurate. Even if he was, how good is the memory of a demon anyway? Human memory is somewhat unreliable, and we don’t even have to deal with centuries. Is that of demons better? If so, by how much?