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Okay, so, …

I’m re-re-re-re-reading this book again (WTF makes it so addictive?) and I’m picking up on new details here and there which lead to me speculate on certain things. What are your opinions on these theories? Anyone have others to share?

– Tom’s demon weed came from a guy who smoked an old-fashioned pipe. Was it Tizzy in disguise?
– Do Rupert and Tom have the same father?
– Tizzy only pretends to be crazy. Maybe he is Concordenax is disguise or one of his chief agents.
– The book everyone is after contains all of the true names of demons (princes & archdemon’s too). This book is why Concordenax was able to be #1. Perhaps he created / bound the earliest & most powerful demons or was just really, really good at getting information.

Also, this next is a a silly WAG. I don’t really think this, but hey – why not?
– Tom is a pre-Concordenax being who goes back in time, grabs a whole lot of divine mana, become Concordanax, recruits Tizzy, and instructs Tizzy to ensure events come to pass, i.e., make Tom a demon.