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Have you tried buying in a PC/Mac browser from the .COM store and then once it’s in your library sync?

I know I can buy stuff and have it shipped to me from other Amazon’s, including region encoded DVD’s but who know what wackiness they may impose on kindles to comply with “Big Publisher’s Distribution rights” I’ve authorized the book for every region…

At one point I read in Amazon’s Royalty Rules, if someone outside the US buys an e-book from the US Kindle store, I get a 35% royalty vs 70% royalty.
I have seen these 35% books come through from .COM

I had thought, from what I read at the time that included buying books at .COM when your country has its own store. But not sure. I.e. I know non-US customers have bought the book in the .COM store…but not sure whether their country had its own Amazon.

Of course, depending on the country there could be other issues, like VAT and maybe they can’t reverse that, or got in trouble for…???

This stuff is so scattershot…rules and regulations change quickly for e-stuff.

The thing is, in general there is no region encoding on Kindle book files. So if one gets the file, you can sync it to the kindle with third party tools from wherever.

Thanks for the update…I have no easy way to test at the moment, but I’m going to look into it.