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[quote]many just want you to give negative feedback[/quote]

Meaning if you try to tell them “I liked this” or similar they don’t want to hear it?

Or are they saying they really want an editor? And lots of fan fic needs lots of editing…

Yeah, I don’t know what the people who say the want feed back really want, and I think this is a common unknown that causes a lot of people not to feed back.

In some ways, this is one nice thing about GoodReads, for book books, readers can either do a review or just give a star rating, and if you are on a kindle, if you finish the book it asks you right away to rate it with stars.

That provides some feedback…of course it’s very painful if everyone gives you ones with no reason or explanation. But if you have a range of values you at least get the validation that someone read it and had an opinion on it.