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Don’t ask Tizzy for spoilers, sure he does have knowledge of what’s going on, but most of what he spews are delusions and madness. I will admit that every now and then you find something of interest from him, but it is normally a passing remark. He is also very old, confused, and lucky. He has managed to live for thousands of years if he can recognize Ramses. He is intelligent as he has managed to offend many people of power and survived. Ask Jerry. Tizzy tells him things and Jerry translates it to a sane format.

Also do you grow your weed or get it from a supplier. Also do things actually grow in the abyss and if so what. I know that demons have food their and drinks that don’t boil. One last question, why hasn’t anybody made some form of demonic plant that can spread across the abyss. You could eat it, it could gather animus, and it will give demons something to fight that is only a nuisance unless further tampered with.