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No, you really don’t, but being a demon I will tell you anyway for the fear and discomfort it will cause you!

You see, when you signed up for the forum, you gave me what people on Earth call an ’email address’ in the Abyss we call that a ‘true name’

Now that I have your true names, I can create a binding to you so that I can project words into your brain and you “think” you are seeing them as my responses to your posts, however there is nothing really there on the website, since I don’t have a computer and don’t know how to type.

Also, even if I had a computer, which do show up in the Courts now and then, I’m pretty sure the Abyss sill only has a dial up AOL connection to the Internet.

Obviously, we keep it this way to torture people in the Abyss who need to get online. That and out (1/2) G cellular data connections. Although if the Demon Princes are feeling particularly cruel they’ll give a victim an iPhone and ATT as a provider. They’ll soon be begging for AOL!!!!!