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On the Flying Carpets…I think it was our mental picture of a “shield”

You were thinking of a “shield” like knight’s “shield” I was thinking more like force field or a starship’s shields. While I’ve never gotten out and looked, I presume that the Enterprise’s shields follow the shape of the ship. I’d get out and look, but as you know the Terran Empire is always at war, so every time I’ve been on the Enterprise, they’ve been busy attacking some one; typically a planetary uprising.

It’s always a fun visit though; I really like Kirk, vicious captain; I’d love to have one of his remote death ray zapper’s. That bearded Vulcan first officer is a bit a squish but…

So anyway, I see the air shields as being an aerodynamic dome or bubble…

Yes the power levels are pretty huge. And vague. Because it’s not necessarily the size of your mana, but how you use it.

Meaning it’s not unheard of for a very smart, less powerful demon to defeat a much larger, dumber or more experienced demon.

In particular at the Courts, once you get beyond a certain level, shear cunning and chutzpah are often more useful than shear power.

Also there is no 8th level. The level tops out at 6, it’s a sort of arbitrary scale, so presumably you could have two 6ths’ one of which has 2x the mana reserves. But then maybe the other is twice as efficient as using it.

Also, again it’s a statistical average when creating babies. It’s not evenly half power for half demons. Some can be almost completely human, others can be almost completely demon and equally powerful. What would be unlikely (but not impossible) is for the child to be more powerful

Why I add that last is because a half demon child might very well outlive and outgrow their parent demon. Maybe the parent isn’t as driven or dies younger or any number of reasons, but if we are talking out of the gate…the half demon will almost never be more powerful, and not often as powerful as the parent