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There will be more Tom in book 3.

As I mentioned in the Amazon forums today, the reason there was so little Tom in the first half of book 2 was because he was sitting in his cave waiting for Talarius to regenerate, Reggie to acclimate and most importantly, figure out something to do!

Remember in Book 1, he spent a lot of time sitting bored in his cave making furniture. But because that was on a longer slower timescale, I could just skip in time.

However, in book 2, a lot of important stuff was happening in the aftermath of the book 1 battle, people were doing stuff, stuff that will have a direct effect on Tom in the future.

Therefore, those people who were doing stuff in that time frame got longer sections because in that “time period” they were actively doing stuff to advance the story, whereas Tom and friends were sitting around in a cave.

You note that Tizzy spent his time in the cave (the first half of the book) writing in this forum. If you go back and look at some older posts of his you’ll see him talk about being stuck in Tom’s cave, and he then got in a long discussion with Rosver and others about ruined buildings and such in the Courts…which Tom & Antefalken alude to when they meet up with Damien. His cavemates thought he was talking to himself, but he was actually writing/dictating in this forum he’s got like a magical “Dragon Naturally Speaking” spell or something.

Anyway, book 3 goes back to a larger time scale and now Tom has something, in fact an awful lot, to do. So his story time will get bumped up.