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Now, this theory is starting to sound like one of the author’s D&D campaigns…one that went on for about 6-7 years..

By the end, this sort of stuff was getting rather common. There was one wizard Mooo where the player came late to the campaign so just showed up at level 7 with a very vague back story

Several years later, he was like 23rd level, and had an apprentice, Looo, who coincidentally was 7th level when he failed his saving throws and was sucked down a wormhole.

Oddly enough he emerged from it in the past, and needed to take a ship, and found a (flying) ship with the other campaign members on it back when they were 7th level, so he just called himself “Mooo” and thus looped himself.

Which is why when he became Archimage of the local Guild, he would refer to himself as Mooo the Mobius Magi of Might based on the idea of a Mobius strip.

But that was pretty much par for the course for this wizard, who was at some point turned into an intelligent crown and so had his apprentice wear him and thus “possessed” the apprentice. Which was fine up until a Mind Flayer accidentally teleported inside the central crystal that was Mooo…

So anyway, my point (me, Tizzy) is that you shouldn’t give the author guy ideas like this.

He’s all too likely to be tempted.

But he’s already heard from a lot of readers who’ve threatened to throw rotten e-apples at him if he tries to do something like that.