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I’m sure the ‘we’ I mean includes other critical reviewers. I read their review they share the same sentiments. JMX specificaly says:

“2 Thumbs up I really enjoyed the book. Although I think some of your reviewers might be slightly retarded. One person gave 1 star because he only wanted to read about Tom. He must be easily confused and can’t follow multiple characters.”

Though I’m quite a bit insulted when JMX says that this reviewer is retarded. I’m sure this reviewer after reading this would say that this reviewers who give four or five stars are the ones who is retarted.

Though for your claim that the Orcs and D’Orcs are like the other races, that is not really conclusive from the book. I might say, you are making a big assumption without any support. Especially when the other races doesn’t really have much time under the spot light. For example the Djinns, the dragons, the centaurs, the dwarfs, etc.

And what do you mean “how the little points connected?” Can you be more specific? Because really what I see is the opposite. Like, what is with this Vaselle guy. Did the author just really need someone to do the shopping? And what is with this Randolf and that Djinn. How did Randolf get that Djinn’s favor? And what is with the Partheon of Teirnon. After all this time investigating, they still don’t make an effort to get his name and instead depend on assumptions and speculation? Really, I see more points getting disconnected than them connecting.

So, I also respectfully disagree. They do really keep me from enjoying the book.