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Well…not sure if this is technically a virgin sacrifice (probably depends on who you talk to, but considering his best “girl” friend was a prostitute…he might not have been a virgin..)

The religion I’m talking about is one I found on an Earth. There was this man, about 33, going around with a new message about his culture’s god. While there’s a lot written about him, no mention of any sexual activities in the mainstream documents. Anyway one thing leads to another, and the “God” of the religion arranges a series of events so that this prophet/messiah type gets executed by the local government.

This execution ends with his blood being let from his side by a spear wielder into a large cup/bowl. Imbuing it with mystical powers.

Anyway, this ended up being a martyrdom that started a whole new religion surrounding this martyr.

In this creepy religion, his followers gather regularly to ritualistically consume his flesh and drink his blood. And according the the older version of his church, the bread and wine they drink in remembrance of him literally transubstantiates in the mouth of the worshiper to become the actual flesh and blood of their messiah. If you don’t believe this, they kick you out of the religion.

After the death of the messiah, the religion said they no longer needed to kill goats or lambs as sacrifices because their messiah was one big human/divine sacrifice, a “lamb of god” so to speak and its sacrifice, and the ritualistic drinking of his blood and consumption of his flesh banished the need for more sacrifices.

So anyway…this creepy cannibalistic religion started with human sacrifice, and very possibly a virginal sacrifice.