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@The Author Guy:

I haven’t really read much anthologies becuase I always end up feeling that I wasted money on it as I will not always like all of its contents. I always end up liking only 2 or 3 of the stories an just skip everything else. It feels to me like the authors is trying to make us pay for the stories we won’t like.

And for those worlds where many authors write… don’t really like them either. Maybe I just keep ending choosing those horrible ones but previous experiences do influence selection, and now I tend to avoid them. I seen the Thieves World but it is obvious what this kind of work is and I have never bought and read one. Maybe I give it a try next time.

As for stories… Have you read books that doesn’t seem to be telling a story at all? Those are the worst.


On being sane in insane places… I feel sorry for you.