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I’m one who give a negative review with 2 stars at Goodreads.


Well, it would have been OK to have multiple POV if the POV characters are noteworthy and are relevant storywise or at least give something exetremely entertaining (like Scrat from Ice Age), but many of these POV characters aren’t. Specificaly many of the D’orcs like Ragala-nargoloth. They are a difinition of filler, very unneccesary ones.

Many POV characters are also given too much time they don’t deserve. Vaselle particularly is given lot of scenes and word space when he barely contribute anything. The D’Orcs party preparation is a bit obnoxious too.

It is not that it creates confusion or it is hard to follow, we just simply don’t care about them. And if we don’t care about them, we don’t want to read about them.

Of course, there is also the fact that I can’t see how to push the story forward. The Author Guy keeps saying that they do, but I just can’t see it. I read multiple times and I still can’t see it.

As for the reaction scenes, they are OK, though at times you linger too long on them and of course there are some characters whose reactions we don’t really care like this Randolf. These might be least of my complaints.

Though if I pin one thing that vastly affects my view, its the lack of cohesion. All the characters, all the events, all the details just come together in a erratic and disharmonious manner. There something going on with the council of wizards here, then there is this about the partheon of Tiernon, then something is going on with Oorstemoth too, and there is of course Tom, the mystery book which got with all of these, Rupert suddenly jostle in, and many others.

There is also lot of such things in the first book but they all go together for a solid experience. They layer together beautifuly like layers of lasagna. Book 2 however is so disjointed. Even though I can enjoy many of them individually, they don’t combine into one coherent experience.