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yes, we are seeing eye to eye.

The difference is the terminology of the word video game. The phrase has meant a couple things over the years.

Originally it was Space invaders in an arcade and then Pong at home.

In “my day” when I was a kid a “video game” was the thing in a box at an arcade.

Then we got the video game console (Atari, Nintendo, Coleco) that worked much like video games in the arcade.

But actually all of these are computer games. The boxes at the arcade were just dedicated computers with very narrow specialization, but if you look at Space Invaders, it’s stuff that was first done with mini-computers 5 to 6 years before. So before arcade style video games were released they were preceded by computer games using somewhat specialized monitors (I can’t remember the exact name but the way the electron guns were controlled was different than on say a dumb terminal–more complex)

And computer gaming logic actually started in the 50’s and 60’s on mainframes, but they generally weren’t “video oriented” in anyway until the CRT monitor came around. Most were text on teletypes. Punch card games were really just programming exercises.

Anyway, in “general” when someone says “video game”, I think/mean computer game, because they are all the same, some just use more special purpose computers. Consoles are computers, and in theory, if one wanted to, one could write a spreadsheet for a PS2,3,4 or Xbox. Someone may have, but that’s a bit crazy. They do all surf the web though now.

So, I think you are using video game to mean non-RPG and non Simulator or what we used to call “Arcade Style Games” Tetris, Candy Crush, etc. Vs about anything else. A FPS is technically an RPG, a very violent one but…I like my DOOM to come with a good story (of sorts—doesn’t gotta be too deep) Of course, look at the crazy back story they do with Wolfenstein

Anyway, that’s a pretty common interpretation for video game, I’m just a bit more generic

Other people say “video game” to mean something on a Console (including RPG’s) vs something on a PC…but I prefer arcade style=video game