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Could a god and their agents be beings whom draw energy from the faith of their followers or beings whom rely on energy externally to power themselves, while demons rely on power stored internally within themselves. This means demons would grow more slowly, but have more freedom in their actions without wizards, while gods would be restricted in that they would have to follow the expectations of their followers.

So hypothetically what would happen if a god, one of their direct agents, or an avatar where cut off from the god pool? Demons are powered by their own individual souls, while gods by faith and emotion, so would Tom’s little trick possibly weaken the flow of power to the various gods. As such I expect a jam between the channeler and their power would be devastating to the divine. Pros and cons of both. External power isn’t totally in your control, can only use it for limited purposes, grows quickly, but dependent on the faith of people and their emotions. Internal grows slowly, complete control over power, much harder to separate power from internal source than an external source. Again an item that could separate one from external mana would be awesome to use against the divine, clerics, warlocks, and druids.