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He was attempting to summon a bound demon that wasn’t under his control. I.e. a previously bound demon, not currently bound to him.

He had, however been doing it in a fuller more exploratory manner, looking for “previously bound demons to capture” It was a training exercise in locating previously bound demons that you don’t know the name of. I.e. demon hunting on the astral plane. He didn’t expect to find anything because it’s hard to find unbound, previously bound demons this way, (albeit easier than searching through books). Basically it’s a fishing expedition.

The key, the Astral Journey part is the same for finding totally unbound demons, and previously bound demons.

however, low and behold, they found a completely unbound demon. These demons are all from distant planes where the laws of magic operate very differently, or don’t work well. The Astlanian spells and magic are such that any higher powered sentients from these distant planes appear similar, colored balls of light, animus and mana. For whatever reason, the Astlanian’s don’t recognize these as humans/elves/etc, which they do for the planes closer to them.

I some ways, you could say these beings from the far end of the universe have been redshifted (not literally Rosver–but something similar) to the point the Astlanians don’t recognize them as people. From experience/training/history, they interpret these beings as demons that can be bound.

Typically, most of these beings, when found, which isn’t very often, are sprites, imps or shadows, occasionally a fiend and very rarely a major demon. Almost never would you find a greater demon, although it has happened. Theoretically, you might find a Major Demon, but no one has ever located and bound one. Presumably, the wizard(s) ends up dead in such a situation. And usually end up dead with a Greater Demon; unless they are planning to look for a Greater Demon and are thus super prepared.

Jenn discusses what happened in more detail in her diary, which will at some point make it to the website.