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What’s wrong with my pipe? What did Tom say? Is he talking about me behind my back?

I think it’s Astral grease or something that keeps the planes apart. Or maybe it’s simply that they all exist in Orthogonal Quantum States and thus can’t cross or merge.

We do know that Quantum Field Fluctuations do occur and on occasion planes bifurcate permanently. The key being orthogonality. Once a newly divergent plane establishes a unique rest state, or steady state and has it’s own set of propagators (Greens Functions in mathematics), the probabilities of it intersecting with another plane in the exact same rest state are to all intents and purposes nil. Meaning, you’d need too many completely random differences to perfectly align and match for the two planes to align.

In another discussion, somewhere, possibly at Amazon, I talk about the Infinite Worlds of Maybe and why they don’t really exist, at least not for very long. It is also tied to why people’s memories get foggy over time. It’s because all the small differences that spawned the “maybe” worlds get collapsed into a single quantum state. This explains how some people can remember something one way, and others a different way. The people who remember alternatively had more energy invested into one of the collapsed alternate universes and so remember it that way. Whereas many others remember a different path. And still others don’t remember for sure.