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I’m not sure it’s that far out from the cover. I do like it.

I’m mixing up the description now, to get people to give it a second look. So I’d love to work it into the rotation. While I’m exclusive to Kindle it’s a lot easier…when I first launched I had to maintain a bunch of stores and blurbs…

I also need alternate blurbs for ads on other sites, such as Goodreads, FaceBook, Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc.

I’d like to change the cover as well, so I spend time looking for artists who’ve done stuff I like and do similar things, but so far those few I’ve contacted are already overbooked…

I also want to get more art for the site. But as Rosver said, illustrations take quite a bit of time…especially when trying to do something specific and “on demand” rather than as the muse strikes you. And at the moment I’m not doing any art because I’m writing v2 in all my spare time.