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Have you tried buying in a PC/Mac browser from the .COM store and then once it’s in your library sync?[/quote]
I need to be logged in, to buy anything. The Account is linked with an Kindle (well 3), the Kindle’s are linked to a region.

[quote]I know I can buy stuff and have it shipped to me from other Amazon’s, including region encoded DVD’s but who know what wackiness they may impose on kindles to comply with “Big Publisher’s Distribution rights” I’ve authorized the book for every region…[/quote]
I bought books from, my first Kindle (before they where available in Germany/Austria) and with an American Adresse (google maps) an downloadable game.
Before Kindle’s where available in Europe I could buy ebooks from, but once I linked it to the german store… it was over.

[quote]The thing is, in general there is no region encoding on Kindle book files. So if one gets the file, you can sync it to the kindle with third party tools from wherever.[/quote]

Oh, the file can be drag and dropped into the kindle, its buying from in the first place thats the problem.

I suppose I could (in theory) try to unlink my kindle from the german store and back to the .com one.