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Something like this does actually happen once every few millennia when someone gets their cord cut, they need to find someone to either create a new body or reattach them to some other body.

The library article that discusses the astral plan does mention this as a risky possibility.

Further certain types of Resurrection spells, do exactly this. While the priests don’t know the exact details of what’s happening, an observing animage could probably observer and note that what a “resurrection” spell is doing is going out, finding the spirit of the dead person, presumably in the planes of the gods, bringing it back, relinking it to the dead body, infusing the body with the spirit’s animus, plus lots of mana for healing and regeneration and presto new body.

And when an animage or hermetic druid does this, they have to go through this process. Think of other books that talk about Spirit Walkers, Shamans and Curandera’s doing this.

There are also cases of rising from the ashes style Miracles/Resurrection where all that’s left is dust or less, that requires recreating the entire body from scratch.

Now the question as to has any twisted wizard thought of this? That will have to wait for book II!!!