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Delusions and Madness!!!!!

See who’s not going to get to puff on my pipe any more!!!!

Why on earth would we want weeds? (Other than the obvious one) Humans try to get rid of them.

Realize that the Abyss is rather hot, hotter than any desert on Earth.

However, the real reason there isn’t much flora in the Abyss, at large at least, is because it would require animus and thus attract mana…and thus attract demons and others wanting that sort of stuff.

However, there are plenty of plants in the Courts, and various pavilions, like Exador’s. Now, most of these areas are more climate controlled, like anti-green houses or something, they are cooled for plant life that the owner wants.

There has never been any native plant life in the Abyss, or if there were, demons ate it. However, Denubian wormwood and similar planets from that universe can and do grow fine in the abyss, where planted….at least until a demon comes and eats it.

The Abyss is relatively hospitable compared to that world…sheesh…nasty place. At least we have Air in the Abyss. 99.999% of the Denubian plane is just nothingness…they call it a “Vacuum” and the Denubians have to use metal balloons to travel around between floating islands that are so far apart that light can take years to travel from one place to the other.

So anyway, Denubian Wormwood can grow on smaller rocks that tend to orbit larger floating islands that actually have air on them.

As far as where my garden is? Have you been talking to Maelen? He’s been trying to get a hold of my stash also!

Well, it’s only 100 degrees Centrigade or 212 Fahrenheit. I point out that Quicksilver boils at 674.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and 356.7 Centrigrade. So it’s perfectly drinkable in even the hottest regions of the Abyss.

Same with Denubian Choco-Coffee(TM) which is probably even less healthy for humans than QuickSilver.

Other liquid refreshments in the Abyss

Aniline (184.4 C)
Brake Fluid (100-200 C)
Butyric Acid (156 C)
Camphor (204 C)
Ethylene Glycol (197)–[i]Sweet and Tasty[/i]
Glycerine (290C) –Mmmm….

Iodine boils at 184 C, that’s got a bit of a bite, but is great!

And I could go on, but I think I’ll just stop with my two favorites: Petroleum at 294 C, Turpentine at 160 C.

Now, of course, if you want something humans like better, then Olive Oil boils at 300 C. So as long as you don’t mind frying your throat, you’ll find that at least digestible.