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Sorry about that! I think I’m becoming too emotional and carried away. I’ll try to be more level headed.

Hmmm. Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is awful. Seems true nowdays.

I can accept mediocre. They are a staple in every industry. It might not be made of amazing stuff, but they are still fine, but there is a great difference between mediocre and the awful and disappointing.

Mindless action with thin story lines is not the same as mindless action with horrid story lines. Die Hard’s story line is not horrid. Over the top maybe, but horrid it is not. Can’t say the same things with Transformers (and many movies now days). Transformers has an already over the top premise, the transforming robots; but the movies just overworked it. It actually has lots of explosions and action and other mindless stuff, especially the later part of the franchise, but the story is severely wanting. It would actually vastly improve if they make the story simpler and ‘thin,’ instead of this overly hyped pretentious mess.

As for Mass Effect 3, the biggest problem is that they seem to have ditched the story. The game mechanics is good but the story is not, and being an RPG, the story is an essential part of the experience. A good story is a primary requirement for such a game as this.

Not to mention, AE rather gives very big promises that Mass Effect 3 just did not deliver.

@The Author Guy

You call it “regiments of evil” so I thought… Oh well.

Thanks for the background. Very interesting stuff.

Well, at least in those very early times, they had the excuse of the fact that the medium is very new (also very expensive). Those silent films aren’t really that easy to make. Ironically, the addition of sound even makes movie makers go haywire as they aren’t able to utilize it properly. Also, not to mention, the limitation of the technology in terms of story telling.

But nowdays, there is literally very little excuse. With such technology as computers, 3d softwares, digital editing, modern camera, etc. the task of making a movie is so much easier. Even regular people can make one in their own backyard… and many do. But somehow, even with extremely large budgets, movie studio seems to be having low standards when it comes to the story.

This is also coupled with the fact that a lot films they are making isn’t really made of original content. It is based on comics, books, old TV franchises or other films.

As for video games. 1960s?…

Though, early in its birth, it is rather primitive. The very frist ones are made by hackers. Of course the arcades. Pong? Asteroids? Pacman?… Also storytelling is virtually nonexistent. However, as technology advances, the storytelling side of games become more prominent. It even become intrinsic in gaming experience as exemplified by the RPG genre.

Of course, there is the video game crash. People just become too greedy and started to publish games for quick cash. But then they don’t really know much about video games, which result to rather bad video games being published… A really a dark age in video game history.