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Let me change the syntax of my prior comment. Most demons behave in a manner similar to one and other and will often have similar growth curves, however some demons will depending on their personalities and natural talents grow at different speeds. My prior statement was that due to the sheer magnitude of their lives that most demons will eventually reach the full potential of their talents and thus level off in power.

Therefore a demons personality will determine how they might utilize their talents, whether they choose to study things outside their specialties, and how they might choose to combine these skills. A demons growth curve is exponential in that as they are first learning of magic and acting on their talents they grow quickly, but as they master their fields their rate of growth slows. Most demons are not innovators and would much rather steal an idea. Many older demons would likely have ingrained habits and ideas. The only ones lacking these rigid concepts would be the genius and the insane as their is a thin line. Success leads to genius and failure leads to insanity. Most beings think in a somewhat similar manner, so a new viewpoint is often needed for something entirely new, where as logic can lead one to the next step.

I was merely stating that Tom state of mind is quite different than the average demon as he adapted tot the abyss quite rapidly, has had very little torture done to him which leads to his lack of an ingrained hatred, and is trying to be a good role-model for Rupert. These behaviors lead him to be mentally quite different than a typical demon. He also has a radically different view from the humans as he lacks a conviction to himself being evil and his new body has altered some of his human instincts/ limiters. By Astlanian standards Tom is abnormal or insane, and thus now could be the peak of his innovation. Look at Tizzy. Most consider him a madman, but despite pissing off many demons stronger than himself he is still alive. Demons aren’t that lucky and I lack faith in coincidence. This leads one to conclude that Tizzy has some atypical skills so as to be still alive to this day.