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Hmm. Isn’t your true name an essence of who you are? Then changing your true name essentially makes you not you.

A device that shows your true name… might not be possible. I mean, there is nothing in a true name to detect. You can say tell what a color a mineral is or how much it weigh or how dull it is, but, unless you know the name of the mineral, there is nothing in the mineral that would tell you what its name is. You can’t pick a magnifying glass or something that would tell you it is called _____. And that is for something mundane, like the name of the mineral (which is quite finite in number). Now for names (which is infinite in number), a device such as that is even more impossible. But still it is a fantasy world, anything is possible, even break the law of the universe.

As for gods seeing other god’s agents as demons. That bids the question, how could a god (or anyone) tell its a demon? And if a god can mistake other entities as demons, does that mean, these entities and demons are basically the same? Could you even say that these gods are demons themselves?