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Sorry let me clarify. I meant corruption in a manner similar to contamination. A mean to corrupt the god pool that serves as the fount of power for the god. From what I have been told the god pool is the intermediary between the god and those who serve them, so contaminating would have negative effects on all those who rely on this pool for power. Kind of like the True Power in the wheel of time series. In essence a film was placed over the power so that all who drew on it drew in some of the insanity woven by an old evil. The power is still their and can be accessed, but now all who use it are forever tainted by a dark power.

I mention this as corrupting those who serve the divine with their own power sounds just positively delightful for me. As it would be a demonic taint my mentality would not be affected all that much. It is just wonderfully delightful to watch the mortals kill each other for reasons I have direct influence on. They will likely think of reasons to bring harm to one and other without any demonic influence, but their reasons aren’t as creative.