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yes, demons do.

Of course, realize there are worlds that have technology that aren’t necessarily mana poor.

Mana levels vary from plane to plane. As does Technology.

There are tech worlds where Tech works and there is enough mana for lower level supernaturals, places where demonic possession is real, but not much else is.

Typically these worlds have few wizards simply because it’s too hard and takes too long to learn and then pass on…and eventually technology is easier and so people forget about even trying to use magic, except for some throwbacks here and there.

The Denubian plane is one such plane, they have Interstellar travel, spaceships etc (see reference to it being a giant void with metal pods) but magic works well enough that demons can get there…and in fact the Physics/Magic junction or the Science Fiction/Fantasy barrier is so low that they can use technology to plane hop.

That is where most of the trade that the demons engage comes from…planes where the mana level is low enough that technology evolved, but not so low, the laws of physics not so different, that interdimensional travel is possible.

I’m greatly simplifying here, using basic Astlanian terminology, so don’t take anything in my description too literally. All I’m saying is that there is a spectrum of Tech worlds to Magic worlds, and the ones in the middle allow Tech to travel the dimensions (and time).

For example, there is the universe where a two hearted alien has a blue box that he travels throughout space and time in. However, Tom’s world (as I understand it) is further out in the spectrum to the point that the ‘technology’ used by this non-medical doctor, wouldn’t work.

Finally, I wouldn’t assume there aren’t some wizards that don’t roam other planes and get in trouble, bring stuff back.

They just haven’t brought enough back that’s odd enough to have aroused suspicion or particular note.

DK series was great…that’s going back in time…

Robots again…golems are much better and easier….