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Tizzy, Rosver

I think the two of you have some fundamental disconnect on what are inconsistencies vs what is “just the way things are”

The point I would argue is this: there are supposed to be some big inconsistencies and hodge podges in the book.

The Abyss is definitely supposed to be illogical and ramshacke and anachronistic. But Astlan is supposed to be similar.

It’s a very mixed up universe for the simple fact that if you introduce magic to a “real” medieval world, weird shit suddenly starts happening.

Traditional fantasy is extremely unrealistic, unless the magic is extremely scarce, civilization will not follow anything close to the path it did on Earth and you won’t have a “classic fantasy world” after a very short while.

A Song of Ice and Fire is a place where magic makes about the most sense for a medieval world. Because it’s very rare/very hard to do.

When you have a magic rich world in a fantasy book, it will literally turn the economy of the medieval world upside down, and all bets are off, things won’t follow the path that they did on Earth. There will be all sorts of incongruities and discrepancies.

It will flood the economy, turn manufacturing, distribution, everything upside down, it will create chaos.

As Tizzy argues, it’s not that different than suddenly introducing all the “magic” of 21st century technology and capitalism on Africa, the middle East and eastern Europe/Russia.

You are going to find very odd things and odd combinations for a wide variety of reasons.

This is something that I intended to try and demonstrate. Is it a perfect demonstration, and is it always 100% consistent no. But then this book has been written/edited/reedited over a very very long period of time which sort of makes it hard to keep everything completely consistent.

And my apologies to Tizzy as this doesn’t make much sense to you, since, being a character in the book, you just think it’s “how things are” and so try to explain it based on your personal experience, when sometimes the problem is my fault.