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What you are saying is inconsistent with the book.

[quote]”Scum!” shouted Boggy. “You took the wine!”[/quote]

It is clear that what they are drinking is wine.

[quote]An odd thought crossed his mind. If the ambient temperature of the Abyss was about the boiling point of water, then how was this coffee simply steaming? In his mouth it felt like coffee or hot chocolate, it was hot. So exactly how hot was this stuff?[/quote]

The Denubian Choco-Coffee(TM) is clearly hotter than the boiling point of water.

[quote]Boggy made his way over to Antefalken’s table, carefully guarding his choco-coffee against spillage. By his movements, Antefalken noted a severe hangover on Bogsworth’s part. For a demon, that indicated a truly prodigious amount of alcohol. The equivalent of a couple gallons of pure grain spirits at the least. Boggy sat down clumsily, across from Antefalken.[/quote]

He is drunk because of alcohol.

As for airconditioning and temperature control:

>There was not mention of that in the book so it is quite good to assume that its not there.

>Even if the temperature is half what it is elsewhere, that is still hot enough to damage wood.

>Well, if Ramses does use magic to control temperature that doesn’t explain how the other instances of use of wood is protected like the western style door in ‘The Ripe Young Maiden’s Surprise’ and other more heat susceptible materials like plastics and raber and Antefalken’s silk and soft farics.

>What happens when Ramses left the Abyss for sometime? Won’t the temperature cntrlling spell get despelled?

>also for knowing how to preserve things. Ramses might know, but would other demons know?

>also if those things impossible things are a sign of power and wealth then those “gutless sycophants, and court lackeys and hangers-on who had nothing better to do” and Antefalken who is just a bard whould not have been able to have those dress ups, wine and silk becuase they don’t have the power to be able to preserve them in the Abyss once they got them.

And that book two quote is cheating. It should have been in book one not book two. For Tom to ask it at that moment and not when he was confronting those western doors, and probably tables, chairs walls, ceilings and floors is ridiculous.

Also, when it comes to wood, it is not only temperature but also humidity. In a very dry atmosphere, the wood would also dry up, warp and crack. The piano has to be in proper temperature and humidity or it would not last long.

As for the plants, they are local flora hence should have adapted to the local. So those plants should not be that difficult to grow in the Abyss as they are indigenous there.

And note that there are no trees in Ramses’ garden as noted by Exador.

Your justification is that, these are show of power but the weakness is those demons of no power still have those conveniences, especially clothing and wood. These things should have not been wide spread if your justification is true and it also doesn’t make sense that those higher up demons would supply such magics to abbide the lesser demons vanity.

[quote]yes, there are some oversights, that’s why T-A-G is going to do a beta reader program next time, but a number of these things that don’t seem logical are there on purpose. Some of these questionable things may be answered later, some may not, but the ones that are not–well they might be mistakes, but they might also be things left for the reader’s imagination. I.e. a puzzle, why/how would this ever work? What could be going on?[/quote]

Tizzy! Did you just give me hand wave?

Well, don’t worry. The book is still mighty fine even with the flaws. So don’t sweat.