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Ahh, what great thoughts!

It was thinking exactly like that, that has brought me to the mental clarity I have today!

Keep it up and I am sure after another thousand years, you and I will be able to have the only truly sane conversations in the multiverse.

Many speculations there, and I shall allow others to speculate with you on many of those fronts.

On the one front I can clearly note: The gateway from the Courts. Technically, there are other demons capable of doing demonic gateways. Certainly if Tom can do it, then an Arch Demon or Demon Prince(ss) should be able to. But they haven’t. There must be a reason.

And that reason of course is that, that would be a demonic invasion and spark a huge war. And what they hey…what’s one more war at this point.

The politics of such a thing are going to become more evident in Book 2, when we learn some more of the history and the “balance” of forces between the Abyss and the Outer Planes. Let’s just say that what happened in Etterdam was a lesson for all sides, and 4,000+ years later people will be remembering it in Book 2 and later…

Also you will note if you read the writings of wizards in the library, they do have certain beliefs about the rules under which demons can come to Astlan. As we are seeing…these aren’t that accurate. There is, for example, widespread belief that the more powerful the demon the more mana/energy more complicated spell it takes to summon the demon. They’ve extrapolated, therefore that the mana required to summon an ArchDemon/Demon Prince is so great, it would be very hard for such a demon to show up in Astlan without people noticing the mana disturbance and that it is thus nearly impossible for anything larger than a greater demon to show up in Astlan (unannounced or on their own)

Said higher powered demons feel something less than zero need to disabuse them of this. They like to be able to come and go unnoticed by pesky Kings, Wizards and Priests who might want to raise an army and start a war every time the demon lord stops by for a bite to eat.