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By all means submit cover art suggestions!

If I end up with multiple options I will be requesting feedback from beta users as to what to use.

If the cover ends up being used on the book there will be compensation.

I’d also love to have multiple options for displaying on this site and for advertising the book on Tumblr and Facebook.

It gets boring showing the same cover in every ad/post for the book. And for Facebook and Tumblr different artwork will attract different people.

One of my goals in fact is to make something of a community center. As momentum for the books picks up, I want a place to showcase Fan Art and Fan Fiction should people be interested in writing it.

In fact, a lot of what the library is for is to provide background information for people to write their own stories in the localverse (Astlan and nearby planes with the same Laws of Magic) or maybe inspire artwork…

FYI Everyone in the beta program, and anyone submitting artwork before/during beta (before publication) will get credit in the front matter of the book.