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As you know, there are two moons. One is twice as far away, but the same size.

They distance to them from Astlan (the planet’s name, not technically the plane’s name–no more than Earth is the name of the one you live on) is on the same scale Earth’s moon.

And there are other planets, other star systems etc. it’s a full universe. (in fact the Author guy makes noises about writing other stories in the same universe but on different planets–i.e. he’s lazy and doesn’t want to have to reinvent a magic system–but wants a totally different history etc.)

That’s too far for a teleport spell. With enough mana you could do a gateway, but you gotta get there first, and nothing flies very fast.

Dragons would be the best bet, I would think. A demon too, mainly because they are immortal and don’t need to eat or breath (like demon dragons)…but the demon would sure get tired and bored flying millions of miles at less than 100 mph.

However…I can’t say too much about this without spoilers. The rest of Astlan’s fierdal system will be of interest in Book 2.

OK…I know this is getting weird, I keep hinting at an implausibly wide variety of things that are going to be in book 2 and how the hell they go together seems implausible…but they should make sense when you read it all together and understand who all the players are.