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During the summer, the Abyss gets even hotter than usual. We demons therefore, like everyone else, like to go on vacation.

Unfortunately, to leave the Abyss we need to be summoned!

So, if you know someone: friend, family, colleague who is going on vacation, or just wants a great break, ask them to summon some demons to take with them!

In order to make this easy, next week the Kindle version of [u]Volume I of Demons of Astlan: Into the Abyss[/u] will be on sale at

Yes, we will be doing our first [url=]Kindle Countdown Sale[/url] on the book!

So if you know someone who might enjoy the e-book spread the word!

The sale will last the week and will [u][i][b]start on Monday June 30th 2014 [/b][/i][/u]at it’s lowest price ever (unless you bought the Dead Tree Edition) it will then increase by $1 every so many hours. There will be a clock telling you how long you have until the price goes up. (It does not come back down…only goes up).

So grab it when you see it! Or rather have your friends grab it since you’ve probably already seen it.

The sale is only at the US based (currently countdown deals only happen in the US and UK stores). However, anyone can buy from the store, even if they have a local Amazon. store, you just have to force your browser to the .COM site.

Usernames and passwords work across Amazons (or do between US/UK).

Also there will be a sale in the UK store corresponding to summer school break in the UK later in the month. (however there are fewer break points given the relative price/VAT etc.)