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Clearly Tom has some grand scheme in place as no demons in the abyss no of his existence, and it is quite difficult to hide a IV from an immortal populace for so long. He has a son who is also a IV that looks just like him, but smaller. This shows that he is clearly a being of great power and foresight:-k . He must be purposefully trying to deceive other into thinking him a newcomer, but he shows an aptitude for making physical gates into Astlan, and stole mana from a God[-o< . At least that is what others will think. Tom's overwhelming lack of any real plan or ideas of what to do other than study to be a better animage, survive, screw Lenamore, and alleviate boredom](*,) will leave everybody trying to counter a large butterfly of chaos without any direction what so ever:d/ . Remember it is very hard to predict the actions of somebody without any real definitive foundation or goal:-s . No will be able to stop him from reaching his destination beyond the next hill.=d>