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[quote]Maou>Personally I felt that the art seemed to come from multiple formats in a very limited space.[/quote]

Can you elaborate? Not sure I follow.

Yes, it’s his hoof…and you are not the first to comment; before release I was showing it to a friend, and he said the same thing so I redid it, and believe it or not it’s better. I don’t see it, but I think the reason is that I know what I’m looking at having seen the image in 3 Dimensions.

It is odd that once my friend saw “working” images of the entire scene from other angles, he mysteriously stopped noticing the foot so much.

I think this tells us something about how the brain interprets things. People seeing the foot “cold” so to speak may interpret it vary differently.

Which means, as something that presents a “cold opening” it’s a problem. If you have to know what you are looking at when you first see it. It’s not doing its job. Thanks…that helps.

In terms of the description etc. I myself was feeling very burnt out by the classic fantasy “tropes” and wanted to write something for people who had “read it all, one too many times” and wanted to turn the story on its ear.

So I take a lot of liberties and assume that most readers have “been there, done that” and like to see the board shuffled. It’s key in my mind, to play by the “rules of the genre” but to take a really experienced and more objective look at it.

So for me, it’s hard to be objective to understand how people outside this group might interpret it, since I’m firmly ensconced in the “read too much fantasy” category.