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It’s not that demons can’t feel changes it’s just not as big a deal.

The situation at Ramses is more like, you are out in the hot sun and then you go into a mall and it’s air conditioned. You don’t really think of it other than “oh, that feel’s good” you just take it for granted.

Unless of course, you live in Florida, in which case you walk into a mall or supermarket and suddenly icicles are forming on your sweaty close because they’ve cranked the temperature down to about 35 degrees.

But everywhere else…you just sort of expect it.

So you are saying maybe I should go around asking other demons if I am the Demon Overlord? My question is, if they know I’m the demon overlord, why have they never told me before? I don’t like my subjects keeping secrets like this from me.

So, anyway back to temperatures…

Typically Abyss temperature is near (but not at) the boiling point of water, that is 212 F, 100 C. So about means around 190-200 F

I’ve said the Courts are routinely about half that so between 95-100 degrees. Which is a very reasonable temperature for Phoenix AZ during late spring through early Fall. It can easily be 115 during August. And the Abyss, which is ambient at 190, is far drier than Phoenix, and with heat (for people) humidity is huge.

So humans can certainly exist in the Courts, perhaps not comfortably (and air quality is not ideal), but they can. And escalators can work fine there too. They have plenty of outdoor escalators in Phoenix at 115.

Now pop in some runes of coldfire inside buildings and the temps can readily be around 70F very easily.