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Well, demons [i]seem[/i] to have something like a silver cord that tether them to the abyss.

It’s not though, or not exactly. When they are summoned, one would think they’d leave a body behind in the Abyss that they could then go back to, like Astral Travel.

But their body fades from the Abyss and re materializes in Astlan.

One would think that using a Demonic Gateway would mean their physical body traveled to Astlan and thus any silver cord would go there, that’s how it would work for a human. However, it doesn’t. They are still tethered to the abyss like in a summons. And if killed they go back there.

That being said, Animage demons and Wizard Demons can actually “do astral travel/projection” and leave their body somewhere (the abyss, astlan, an outer plane) and travel to distant realms and make a second body. The two bodies are connected by a silver cord, and the astrally projected demon has a cord to his body, whereever it is. But they also that weird Abyss cord/connection.

So, if such a demon were to have a body in Astlan, leave it there and travel to say Westeros, create a body there and run around. They could zip back and forth between the bodies, the unoccupied one would just appear to sleep.

However, if the active body is destroyed, while a normal human would be pulled back to their first body, a demon goes back to the Abyss, by default, unless they can consciously force themselves to the other “stashed” body on the other plane.

This is what Lenamare thought Tom was doing. Because if Tom were on another Plane of Man, in a body there, he couldn’t be conjured (the same way Lenamare couldn’t conjure Tom when he was Edwyrd) Without a “stashed” body, the only place the demon is tethered to is the Abyss, and since given a true name, a wizard can conjure from the Abyss, the unbound demon couldn’t escape to there.

Basically you can’t conjure a spirit creature that’s in the Planes of Man from one Plane to the Other or the same. You can only conjure a spirit creature from the Heavenly Planes, the Astral Plane and the Abyss.