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No, but splinter realities in some instances have parallel versions of yourself. This changes in some interpretations to include all parallel world, but in this one it seems to be only a major event would change the general course of a world. Tom’s death could in theory be a minor event that got swept up by the primary timeline as he only died because he went to the party and he might not have gone in some instance. Stretching things a bit their, but people could die in splinter realities, but due to most iterations of themselves living they might go on, I am not an expert in parallel world so I won’t go into more detail.

A major event that causes a schism would result in two near identical worlds, and it would take a generation for the identical beings in both worlds to die off. For all I know due to Earth being a magic wasteland it might be hard to access the astral plane from the primary reality and only a slightly unstable and collapsible side reality might allow it. If Tom wasn’t snatched it is highly likely he would have thought himself to have been quite high and that he wasn’t smoking Mary Jane, but for all intents and purposes would likely not visit the astral plane again. The summons of the wizards might even have resonated with his reality and called him.

All this could be true, or it could be mad ramblings. My thought was merely that a reality without any significant magic would protect the soul of its inhabitants. Astlanians wouldn’t think to try and then use the demon to call out an identical soul. Demons wouldn’t have the knowledge or the drive to see if they could summon themselves as people all assume that if they were taken that they will be gone from their old world entirely, and some of them might in fact be the main version and a minority could be from side realities or vice versa.