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Are you talking about my on and off girl friend, Steph Meyer? She is quite the fiend, I’ll give you that.

I’d rather watch a drawing and quartering than read 1 page of her books. Talk about a demon that knows how to torture people!

And then there is the Demon Georgerrmartin. He writes great books, but he is clearly EVIL with a capital E, V, I and L. Never met a more murderous person.

The problem, as mentioned isn’t so much the writing, as the medium to contain the writing. There aren’t a lot of good, lightweight portable mediums to write on to make books, that can withstand the conditions in the Abyss.

Clearly archdemons and princes have books in their air conditioned chambers (ans some use spells, others probably have AC).

You note that Antefalken rides an escalator in the Cathedral of the Notorious dame, and that there are cars in the Courts.

But again, heat is a problem. The Courts are kept at a much cooler level than the rest of the Abyss, around 50C or so, just so we can operate vehicles and have paper…however the rest of the Abyss is much hotter. So cars overheat very easily out there, and computers melt down…