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And may I say, from one of the people holed up in this cave with the house guest, he’s not a pleasant guest. He is surly and ungrateful and really not that fun to be around.

Plus it’s getting crowded in here, with Tom, Rupert, Boggy, Antefalken, Me, Talarius, the Incubus and Boggy’s friend. For one thing, there’s no Denubian Choco-Coffee[i](TM)[/i] Tom is NOT an accomplished host…I can tell you that.

OK, to be fair, I don’t think there would be room for a band, and no electricity for a stereo…and apparently Antefalken only wants to play his own ballads…

Aside from this though, the Abyss severs higher level links between priests and their gods. This is, in particular the reason that any mortals that die down here are stuck down here, they can’t get to their afterlife from here.

Plus, Talarius isn’t a priest. <"[color=darkred][b][i]FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM A NOT A PALADIN--I AM A KNIGHT RAMPANT[/i]![/b][/color]"> “[color=darkblue][b]Stop interrupting my imaginary conversations, knight rampager![/b][/color]”

Sorry about that, as I was saying the guy is a real pain in the butt.