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[quote=Tizzy;898]You do know that books were invented in the Abyss by demons to torture mortals.

We use a process called Fiction Addiction to torture people.

We get you hooked on a book, then make you wait and wait and wait for a sequel.

When you eventually get the sequel, you get it, you start reading it avidly to fix your addiction, and then a few days later (or less) you are done with it and desperately wanting the next book in the series…and so the torture begins again.

We were really successful with this torture strategy for books, and then Movies and TV Shows.

Unfortunately, things like Netflix that allow one to binge watch are putting a real hit out on us. Fortunately, once you are done binge-ing a series/season, we do get to torture you waiting for the next series/season.

Obviously GRRM has taken this torture to new heights. Perhaps he is the Concordenax?


I havent’ been on in like a month and now i find that i dodged a bullet. Your evil crazed fiction addiction had limited success on my otherwise sane mind that is totally sane by my standards…maybe not yours but yeah.