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I’ve had similar thoughts, but if time flows the same in all planes of man, but the whole Rupert thing always comes up and ruins most of my thoughts. However Rupert has to have a powerful father if he is a fourth class demon despite being a half-breed. Their also has to be a relation between the two as they look to similar, so I’m going to go back to Tom’s previously mentioned deceased father who could have been a reincarnation of a more powerful demon. If so it would explain Tom’s naturally large animus as most demon’s are halfway between their parents, and since earth has so little mana his demonic traits would never manifest. Pure speculation but it does give a relative of Tom’s who died about eleven years ago, while Rupert is eleven years of age. As mentioned Rupert isn’t the 10 he appears to be, but 11. Little actual difference so his maturity can be explained by his suspicions in others and the factt that most of the Astlanians are highly paranoid, superstitious, and have yet to question the why of things as they can create effects without a through understanding in many cases. They do have a broad knowledge base, but it is heavily guarded and they bring their superstitions into everything and it often alters their perceptions of reality.