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Hmmm good point on the cover.

That thought had crossed my mind.

In a previous millennia, as a lad, shortly after the first 3 books of Thomas Covenant had been published, the first editions were all quite colorful, but on the back, above the description was a box with a black border and a gold background that contained a blurb quote from some reviewer saying something that the book [i]”was one of the best works of [b]adult[/b] fantasy in many years”[/i]

I really wanted to read the books and I went to the bookstore many times and peered at them. But I was too scared my mom or dad would pickup the book and read the back and think I was reading pornography!

I eventually, after several months, got the courage to get the first one and just kept it very “buried” with my other books, I’m sure they never saw the back cover…

Of course, it wasn’t porn, just seriously negative and depressing and definitely not Young Adult so I’m sure that’s what the guy meant but at the time…